A Film is written three times: Once in the writing, Once in Production, and Once in the Editing
Jack Burney is an up-and-coming British Filmmaker interested in stories that push boundaries and create true cinematic experiences. Inspired by classics such as David Lean and Stanley Kubrick and yet motivated by contemporary filmmakers like David Fincher and Robert Eggers, Jack brings a classic approach to filmmaking while also embracing and exploring new, experimental ideas that push the boundaries of the medium.

First and foremost a storyteller, Jack grew up around literature and novels. Through his interest in photography and his involvement with the Scouting Movement, he foun the world of media and content creation. Slowly Jack started to discover the creative side of videography and this led him to studying film at College and then enrolling in Experimental Film Production at Staffordshire University where he graduated from in 2020 with a First Class Degree. While there, he discovered a real interest in experimental cinema and how he could integrate experimental techniques and practises into more accessible stories.

Since Graduating, Jack has made two independent short films which have gone on to win multiple awards and been shown at film festivals. Jack is looking to level-up his filmmaking into the Feature Film space and is already in development for larger projects of his own. He is also currently involved in the production of multiple other projects such as Client & Corporate Work (found at the bottom of this page), Music Videos, and the post-production of other short films and longer form projects.

Jack is a no-nonsense filmmaker and demands a high level of work from the people around him. When working with others, he will always be looking to push a project further to create the best version of that film that can be made. Uninterested with the technologies, the software, or the equipment, Jack is instead focused on the craft of filmmaking and of storytelling in order to create true cinematic experiences that resonate with its audience and push the boundaries of filmmaking.​​​​​​​
“We are, as a species, addicted to story. Even when the body goes to sleep, the mind stays up all night, telling itself stories”
- Jonathan Gottschall, American Scholar
Writer on 8 Short Films
Director of 7 Short Films
Editor on 26 Short Films, 1 Music Video
"Jack's Editing Saved the Film"
Zac Hughes - Director

“His work . . . was of a high standard and has his unique style and touch to it"
Eyerusalem Lema - Director

"Very Professional in all he does"
Brian Elsworth - Professional Model
First Class Degree in Experimental Film Production (BA) Hons from Staffordshire University - 2020
A Levels in Film Studies (B), Media Studies (B), and English Language (B) - 2017

Avid Certified User for Media Composer - 2019
LinkedIn Skill Assessment for Adobe Premiere Pro

Courses, Classes, and Lectures
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David Lynch teaches Creativity and Film on Masterclass
Spike Lee teaches Independent Filmmaking on Masterclass
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Aaron Sorkin teaches Screenwriting on Masterclass
David Mamet teaches Dramatic Writing on Masterclass
Neil Gaiman teaches the Art of Storytelling on Masterclass
Malcom Gladwell teaches Writing on Masterclass
David Baldacci teaches Mystery and Thriller Writing on Masterclass
Brandon Sanderson's 2020 Creative Writing Lectures at BYU (YouTube)

Natalie Portman teaches Acting on Masterclass

Annie Leibovitz teaches Photography on Masterclass
Photography: First Steps by Jim Heid on LinkedIn Learning

Jordan Peterson's 2017 Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief Lectures at the University of Toronto (YouTube)
Jordan Peterson's 2017 Personality and its Transformations Lectures at the University of Toronto (YouTube)
Matthew Walker teaches the Science of Better Sleep on Masterclass
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