AMJ Support Services is a social care company. At the time, the social care sector was facing a crisis regarding a lack of suitable employees. AMJ reached out to me to create a series of induction videos for their new employees to bring them up to a good standard. For this, we decided to create 4 scenarios which are scripted sequences designed to highlight different areas and aspects of the job. I was responsible for leading the entire production, from script-writing and pre-production to directing on set, to completing the entire post-production process.

The video on the left is a Highlight Reel of the videos. The video on the right is the full timeline.
Production Credits:
Directed & Edited by Jack Burney
First Assistant Director Zac Hughes
Camera Operator Stuart Swindell
Sound Recordist Jagdeep Jhamat
Cast Jack Sutherland
Cast Sophie Fisher
Cast Calvin Cawood
Cast Katie Durell
Reference: Mark Downey | Available upon Request