Jack Burney

Freddie Bowerman・Ted Claxton
Eric Williams, having recently escaped from a POW Camp, must navigate his way through enemy territory in his desperate journey to find allies.​​​​​​​
Based on the true story of Jack Burney’s Great Grandfather, this short film follows Eric Williams (Freddie Bowerman) in the immediate few days after his escape from a Nazi Prisoner-of-War Camp as he travels alone through Nazi-Occupied Europe. Throughout his journey, Williams must make hard choices and fight to stay alive as he gets closer and closer to reaching safety and making his way home.
Jack Burney was the director, writer, producer, and editor for this film. Working in tough conditions in the British Wilderness, Burney had to push harder in order to realise his vision in an environment where there is no power, no lighting, and no heating. Burney was rewarded for his determination by being selected at the local university screening and at DetectiveFest in Moscow within the first few months of release.

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