Jack Burney

Jack Sutherland・Sophie Fisher・Emily Marven
Riverboat is an intense, intimate, psychological drama that follows an Afghanistan Veteran, haunted by his past and plagued with a psychotic mental health condition. The film follows his struggles as he fights to determine what is real and what is the manifestation of his fractured mind.
Riverboat is the first film that Jack Burney made independently of university. It was mostly self-funded with significant contributions from a few angel investors.

In August, the film won the award for Best Actor for Jack Sutherland at the London Shorts Film Festival. In November, the film won Best Fantasy Horror and Runner-Up for Best Director at the London Rocks Film Festival.
“Dark, Immersive, Intense and Ghostly
The film keeps you guessing”
David Ingram, Take 97: A Film Podcast
“Jack Sutherland is standout
Gritty and Captivating”
David Ingram, Take 97: A Film Podcast
"Nightmarish, visceral, 
dark And disturbing”
Kyle Snape, SnapeReviews
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