Working as part of the team at Sunset+Vine in partnership with Amazon Prime Video, I was the clipper for Live Rugby Games. This involved selecting and clipping highlights from the game as it was happening which were then published as key moments on Amazon Prime. I then created the 3 minute highlight reel which was also published on Amazon Prime and on the 'Amazon Prime Sport' YouTube Channel. Once that was completed, I also compiled the full-match replay for Amazon Prime.

Working with tight deadlines for Amazon (Key Moments had to be delivered within 5 minutes of them happening, the 3 Minute Highlight Reel within 90 minutes of the final whistle) this experience taught me the value of editing quickly and getting things right in a very short space of time. I was also working with Live Feeds for the first time in Premiere Pro.

The Key Moment clips, 3 Minute Highlight Reel, and Full Match Replay are available on Amazon Prime through the links below. The 3 Minute Reels that were posted on YouTube are also available below, many of these gaining thousands of views.