Rugby Sevens is a variant of rugby union in which teams are made up of seven players playing seven-minute halves. As a result, the games are usually fast paced and high scoring. The series ran from December 2023 - June 2024 and made up of 8x Weekends at varying globe-trotting locations around the world. This year saw many teams stepping up their game as there was a focus on making into the Paris 2024 Olympics. The 2023/24 Series saw a new look to the tournament with a branding overhaul to the entire tournament.

This work was completed at the Sunset+Vine Offices in Hammersmith, London working closely with the on-site teams at the various locations around the world.
2 - 3 December 2023
2 - 4 March 2024
5 - 7 April 2024